Caterpillar launches trolley assist system

Caterpillar has released a lower emission, fuel and energy cost
trolley assist system for Cat electric drive mining trucks.

The Cat trolley assist retrofit kit is available for the 795F AC
truck and the trolley design is compatible with three of Cat’s
other electric drive mining trucks, the 794 AC, 796 AC and 798

As well as boasting lower running costs and environmental
impact, the Cat trolley assist system boosts speed-on-grade for
greater productivity.

The trolley system significantly reduces diesel emissions within
mines by substituting electricity during the most demanding part of
the truck work cycle.

Powering a 337 million tonne payload 795F AC by trolley on a 10
per cent grade as it climbs the ramp out of the pit saves up to 40
litres of diesel fuel per kilometre of trolley line.

The trolley system’s commercial introduction comes after an
almost two-year pilot project that was completed with four 795F AC
trucks using 700 metres of electric trolley line at Boliden’s
Aitik mine in Sweden.

“We feel that trolley assist can play a role in achieving
mining companies’ greenhouse gas reduction goals,” Caterpillar
electrical senior product team leader Eric Ruth said.

“Simultaneously, trolley assist boosts productivity by
increasing speed-on-grade.

“In fact, testing at Aitik mine has shown that a 795F AC
equipped with trolley assist is the most powerful mining truck in
the world!”

Using the trolley system, a loaded 795F truck can run at 28
kilometres an hour on a 10 per cent physical grade, and
speed-on-grade can increase as much as 100 per cent compared with
diesel only mode.

Other advantages of Cat’s trolley assist system include
superior uptime, reduced repair costs and a quick-drop feature to
protect overhead trolley lines.


Source: FS – Mining B.
Caterpillar launches trolley assist system

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