Ironically, too many video streaming choices may drive users back to piracy

Karl Bode at Techdirt: But we’ve also noted that, ironically, the
glut of video choices–more specifically the glut of streaming
exclusivity silos–risks driving users back to piracy. Studies
predict that every broadcaster and their uncle will have launched
their own direct-to-consumer streaming platform by 2022. Most of
these companies are understandably keen on locking their own
content behind exclusivity paywalls, whether that’s HBO Now’s
Game of Thrones, or CBS All Access’s Stark Trek: Discovery. But
as consumers are forced to pay for more and more subscriptions to
get all of the content they’re looking for, they’re not only
getting frustrated by the growing costs (defeating the whole point
of cutting the cord), they’re frustrated by the experience of
having to hunt and peck through an endlessly shifting sea of
exclusivity arrangements and licensing deals that make it difficult
to track where your favorite show or film resides this month. With
all kinds of series and IPs moving around from company to company
these days, it’s getting impossible to keep track of where and
how to watch both new and old series. It used to be quite simple
– Netflix and your local streaming service for us Europeans –
and you’d be pretty well set. Maybe add in HBO for Game of
Thrones – usually one person in your group of friends had HBO
here in Europe – and everything was covered. Now, though, things
are rapidly falling apart in countless different silos, each at
anywhere between €5-10/month, which is becoming unjustifiable.
Piracy is definitely going to make a major comeback if this
Source: FS – Industry
Ironically, too many video streaming choices may drive users back to piracy

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