Minecraft is getting an official visual upgrade after all… only on Nvidia RTX

  • This caption mostly consists of comparison shots, with Nvidia’s
    RTX ray tracing system enabled or disabled. Click back and forth to
    see the difference. This one has RTX enabled.

On Monday, Mojang and Nvidia kicked off this week’s Gamescom
gaming conference with a substantial unveil for the blocky,
mega-popular game Minecraft: a visual upgrade patch coming
exclusively to owners of Nvidia RTX graphics cards for the game’s
Windows 10 version. This comes seven days after
another, similar patch
, which would have been free for all Xbox
and Windows players, was
canceled after two years of delays

And while that canceled “Super Duper” patch looked impressive,
this one takes the intentionally chunky, lo-fi Minecraft to an
entirely new level, thanks to a handsome emphasis on ray tracing.
Nvidia’s RTX line of graphics cards each include a dedicated core
designed to efficiently map out massive amounts of light bounces in
3D imagery, and its effects on Minecraft might be their most
impressive yet.

The upgrade’s reveal trailer shows exactly how this “path
tracing” patch will look in action, and it revolves largely around
more realistic looking models for light bouncing and reflection.
The game’s pixelated “gold” blocks now glisten like gold.
Reflective materials now mirror whatever mobs walk near them. Light
cast upon different kinds of materials will naturally glow, and
underground caverns will now smolder in impressive red glows from
nearby lava flows.

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Source: FS – Industry
Minecraft is getting an official visual upgrade after all… only on Nvidia RTX

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