Minister brushes aside scientists’ Ramu reports

Freddy Mou | Loop PNG | 14 November 2019

Minister for Environment and Conservation, Wera Mori, has
labelled scientific findings by the scientists from Switzerland,
led by Dr Alex Mojon, as baseless and untrue.

Minister Mori claims the report by Dr Mojon intends to tarnish
the good name of the current Government.

The newly-appointed Minister for Environment and Conservation
has brushed aside reports by scientists engaged by the Madang
Provincial Government to investigate environmental damages at Ramu
NiCo’s Basamuk processing plant.

He further condemned a statement by a local scientist engaged to
investigate the cause of the marine creatures dying in Madang after
the spillage.

The Madang Provincial Government, through the Provincial
Administrator’s office, invited the Conservation and Environment
Protection Authority and other government line agencies to a
collaborative meeting with a group of experts, led by Dr Mojon.
This was to undertake investigations into the impact of mining
activities by the Ramu Nickel Mine.

Mori has also urged the people of Madang not to be fooled by
“fake reports” on social media until proven otherwise in

Source: FS – Mining B.
Minister brushes aside scientists’ Ramu reports

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