Total Tracking Makes Choptank the Better Choice


Offering Customers Something More … 

“The recent freight recession has affected the freight
industry in a number of ways, making it critical for companies to
maintain more direct communications, streamline processes and gain
greater visibility in order to remain successful. Largely driven by
excess capacity in the market, freight recessions signal a time for
brokers to step up their offerings and
deliver a true competitive advantage to the market to separate
themselves from the competition
– Freightwaves
webinar: The Battle of the Broker: How the Freight Recession Has
Impacted the Broker Market


There are over 20,000 freight brokers in the United States.
Differentiation can be difficult when every 3PL likes to claim
excellent pricing, communication, customer service, and the ability
to track shipments. If you are a freight broker and don’t provide
those key benefits for all your services, chances are you won’t
be for long.   

Source: FS – Transport B.
Total Tracking Makes Choptank the Better Choice

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