Yama – Fight Will Continue Until Ramu Mine Ops Cease

Gorethy Kenneth | Post Courier | October 22,

Madang Governor Peter Yama assured the people of Rai Coast that
the fight on the pollution caused by slurry spill from the Ramu
NiCo’s Basamuk refinery would continue until the mine was
successfully closed.

He travelled to Bindeng in Saidor, Rai Coast district, to
officially close the week-long Kangal Festival last week.
people of Bindeng called on the governor to pressure the national
government to shut down the Ramu NiCo mine.

Spokesman Daniel Kala said it had almost been a month and the
people had not heard from the national government on it actions to
protect the people and the environment.

He said the ban imposed by the Madang provincial administration
on the selling of fish in the province had affected their school
children as well as their daily income opportunities.

Mr Yama said because of the urgency of the issue he had to rush
from last Thursday’s Parliament session to be with the people and
to brief them on the actions he had taken to pressure the
government to take measures.

“I flew back to Madang and addressed my people on the stand
the government would be taking on the Basamuk slurry spill
incident. I assured my people at the Kangal Festival at Bindeng
that I will continue to fight and make sure the mine closes,” he

He also urged his people to work together if they wanted to see
change in their area. The slurry spill incident has caused fear
among the people, especially when they go out to the sea, he

He said also that for too long the people and provincial
government had not benefited from the mine and had become mere
spectators on their own land.

Source: FS – Mining B.
Yama – Fight Will Continue Until Ramu Mine Ops Cease

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